My favorite type of music is rap. The reason for this is because the rappers that I like and listen to can say what they think without breaking a sweat, and they do so while making their lyrics rhyme. The ones I like grew up in rough conditions, in bad neighborhoods where they were poor and they never thought they would amount to anything.

The good ones I listen to have their music about problems in the world that need to be addressed, or the things they went through like bullies, gangs, poverty, etc. These guys know how to speak their minds and they are wise. I can relate to these guys in some ways, but I don’t look up to them. I like what they did and how they got to where they are now from where they were then.

The song that they rap have meaning other than the new rappers that just rap about money, sex, and drugs. I don’t  just listen to just  rap though, I listen to any music where they sing with meaning and they have good melody. I like listening to that kind of music because it gives me inspiration.

I don’t really like high school right now. The teachers I have had and have now have been good to me and helped me whenever I needed it, and some students at this school are ok or tolerable, but the rest I don’t like very much. II don’t hate them,  and the classes are good, but not interesting. Those are the good things about school.

The things I would change first are the ways our teachers teach us. Most of my teachers now are “teaching” by giving us notes to write down or doing worksheets up on the board. They take lots of time reading notes to us while we write them down, and after the long boring note taking we get more worksheets to work on, and more homework, or essays to write. The way I would like to learn is by having the choice to take notes and being taught about interesting things that we should know about.

We should have a little bit of homework, but our grade shouldn’t depend on our work. They should depend on our quizzes to show what we have learned. Homework can show what we learned, but it should only be for the teacher to see what he/she should do for the student, like I think the intentions of homework are. Other than that, the classes would be better and I wouldn’t be eager to leave,  and I think more people would pass.


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